Logo Design

Listen up: this is the most important aspect of your organisation’s branding, the focal point upon which rests your identity, purpose and personality!

In order to build a successful business, it’s vital that you package as much value as possible into your product or service, and this includes a holistic marketing approach.

Your logo is at the forefront of your business. It’s the one visual that represents every single aspect of what you do. The right logo will distinguish you from your competitors, make your business memorable, and add credibility to your product or service.

Good branding creates a sense of excitement around your organisation. It presents your organisation in a positive light to your customers, staff, suppliers and the general public. Your logo is central to that, and that is why the design of your logo is one of the most crucial aspects of your organisation’s branding!

Here at Burst, our qualified and experienced graphic design team will take the time to learn about your organisation. We’re here to absorb any information that you pass on to us, so that we can use that information to inspire and generate our designs.

In fact, one of our graphic designers will actually sit down with you and take you through our four-page logo questionnaire, which will give us a very good understanding of your criteria, ideas, vision and aspirations.

Consider this…

Is your logo relevant and specific to the organisation that it represents? Does it stand out from the crowd? (The correct answer is yes.) Your business is unique, and your branding should be too!

Can your logo be tastefully used across all of your branding methods? The reality is that the better the design of your logo, the better the quality of your branding! Make sure your logo can be easily and beautifully incorporated across all your branding platforms, including print media, online, social, media, vehicle or on site signage, products, stationery, and so much more.

Is your logo too complex? Depending on where it is being viewed, people might only have a few seconds to interpret it. Should it be simplified or abbreviated? Does your logo work in both portrait and landscape format? Will people remember your logo? These are all questions that you will need to consider.

Frequently asked questions…

Do you use templates when designing a logo?
We start all logo design projects from scratch! We have an in-depth consultation with the client, then we literally put pen to paper, sketching out ideas and concepts. Our designs are original and unique – no matter how big or small the job is!

I can have a logo designed online for $5! Why should I pay more to have a graphic designer complete the work?
This is a common misconception! While there are indeed an infinite number of ‘online logo generators’ on the web, what it really boils down to is the importance and value of your business’s branding. If you think that’s only worth $5 to you and all you need is a generic computer generated design, then perhaps a $5 logo is all you need.

Logo design is expensive! How can I justify the expense?
First of all, our logo design services aren’t really expensive. The fact is, you get the quality that you pay for. We have packages that range from $199 to $799 (plus GST), so pick the option that suits your budget. Generally, a logo’s lifespan is around 7 years. Break down the total over 7 years and you’ll find that a professionally designed logo will only cost you between $0.55 and $2.20 per week! Surely you can justify that.

Is graphic design a tax deductible service?
Yes! Our graphic design services are 100% tax deductible so you can claim all of it as a business expense.

When you design our logo, will we receive all of the file types that we need?
Be very aware of the different file types that you might receive when employing a logo designer. We complete all designs in vector format, which means that the logo won’t lose its quality when increased or decreased in size. Vector format is also the best format for clarity of print. Our full logo package includes the only 5 file types that you’ll ever need – Ai, PDF, EPS, JPEG & PNG.

Once you’ve sent us the designs, will we be able to make any changes?
Absolutely! We have 3 different logo design packages that range from $199 to $799 (plus GST). These packages all include a varied number of refinement stages.