It’s been a crazy few weeks for all businesses! We’ve been faced with some real challenges which we could have never anticipated and I just wanted to reach out and let you know how we’re responding!

First of all we’ve taken the important and essential steps to practise social distancing. We’ve set up a zero-contact delivery and collection procedure. Moved all of our consultation to phone, email or video-chat. We’ve moved all work stations to be a minimum of 1.5m apart. We’re sanitising all vehicles prior client handover and we’re improving our communication around hygiene.

Secondly, we’re not trying to push shit up-hill! We’ve accepted that our sales are going to be far less than they were just a month ago. We’re focusing all our attention on the recovery! We’re making sure that we use this rare downtime to streamline our processes, improve our systems and diversify employees skill sets. By doing this, we’re going to be better prepared to ride the wave to recovery!

Lastly, we’re using this unprecedented opportunity to improve our brand! A reduced workload in conjunction with the job keeper allowance has presented the perfect opportunity for us to focus on our brand and do those things we’ve been too busy for! We’re using this time to give the burst brand a complete overhaul! We’re doing things like re-building our website, revising all our content, developing better resources, designing new print media and re wrapping our cars!

We’re using this time to get ahead so that on the other side, we’re going to be a stronger business.

How stage 4 restrictions will impact Burst Graphics
Design & Administrative staff will be processing jobs remotely during normal working hours. Staff are contactable on (9039 5566) or email. Print & Production staff are able to process jobs under our covid-safe plan. Our premises will be closed to the general public. Restrictions are in effect from Thursday 6th August to Wednesday 17th September. Stay safe!


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