Name & Job Title?

Owner & Creative Director is the most prominent of the 10 different hats I wear!

What does your role at Burst include?

This is actually a hard question to answer! Basically making sure all of the cogs are turning smoothly and to actively improve our business!

Tell us something about you that we don’t know

I was named one of the most influential people in Melbourne for 2009 by The Age newspaper

How long have you been working at Burst?

I started burst in 2012 doing freelance design jobs on the train! My first interest in running a business was selling flowers from our garden to the local florist at the age of 6!

When did you first realise you wanted to work in Branding?

It’s something I discovered over many years! My biggest passion is improving and building things and I apply these to running my business every day!

Favorite Music Genre?

I like slow house and tropical house. Generally positive and uplifting music that create a good atmosphere!

Go-to Computer shortcut?

This question just makes me think of how much I need a new computer (which would probable save me way more time than a shortcut anyway)!

Favorite place for a coffee?

Sitting on the beach in the sun

The recipe behind the perfect design project.

A great client and a great team of people who are willing to take action!
A great client is someone that values doing things the right way the first time, is attentive and decisive and who trusts the professionals!

If not running a business… then what?

Probably laying on a beach somewhere thinking how nice it is not to have any pressure or responsibility on my shoulders… but then getting bored after 3 days and coming up with a new project or venture to start!

How stage 4 restrictions will impact Burst Graphics
Design & Administrative staff will be processing jobs remotely during normal working hours. Staff are contactable on (9039 5566) or email. Print & Production staff are able to process jobs under our covid-safe plan. Our premises will be closed to the general public. Restrictions are in effect from Thursday 6th August to Wednesday 17th September. Stay safe!


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