Name & Job title?

My name is Owen, and I’m the lead installer.

What does your role at Burst include?

Bringing the designs to life using vinyl and various other materials.

How long have you been working at Burst?

6 years in March, are you guys sick of me yet?

When did you first realise you wanted to work in Design?

First year of uni I did a design subject as an elective and it turned out to be way more exciting than my main course

Favourite Music Genre?

Hmmm, All of them? Depends on the day.

Go-to Computer shortcut?

Alt + tab

Favourite place for a coffee?

From the bakery near my house

The recipe behind the perfect design project.

A client with a vision and enough creative freedom to do something fun and exciting.

If not design… then what?

Riding bikes while being unemployed.

Thanks Owen!

Now worries, you’re welcome!

How stage 4 restrictions will impact Burst Graphics
Design & Administrative staff will be processing jobs remotely during normal working hours. Staff are contactable on (9039 5566) or email. Print & Production staff are able to process jobs under our covid-safe plan. Our premises will be closed to the general public. Restrictions are in effect from Thursday 6th August to Wednesday 17th September. Stay safe!


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