Lachlan Coates

Lachlan’s dedication to his business, clients and staff is hard to match! Lachlan really cares about his contribution to the world and works very hard to transform ideas into reality – in fact, it’s his passion! As creative director at Burst, it’s Lachlan’s job to set ideas in motion but also to guide our team along the way! Lachlan’s knowledge of a wide spectrum of branding is very valuable to our clients


Paige Hudson

Paige comes in with a smile on her face every day. She gets excited about design and branding which flows through her design work. Paige is a very reliable and organised team member with very good communication skills. Paige studied an Associate Degree of Graphic Design at RMIT and has joined our team full of fresh ideas, concepts and trends!


Sam Howard

Sam is our Signage Specialist! He’s a qualified and experienced Graphic Designer and throws a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm into his work. He’s great at identifying what people are looking for and helping them make their ideas a reality. Sam works through the full design process from the initial consultation through to send the job to production.


Owen Carlson

Owen is the lead of our Production and Installation team. Once the design has been approved, he’s the person that takes if from a mock-up on a computer screen, to something that exists in the real world! Owen is a qualified Graphic Designer and has years of experience in signage printing, production and installation. Owen’s attention to details is fantastic and he thrives off seeing people’s reaction when the job is finished!


Sarah Zawadzki

Sarah is our freelance Website Developer – If we’re building your website, you’ll likely be in contact with her! Sarah has been designing websites since 2005, splitting her time between technology and the arts sector. As a former theatre actor and director, Sarah brings a great balance of technology and creativity to her work.


Corey Russo

Corey is our Junior!

Corey is our Signage Apprentice and comes in to work early every day with a smile on his face, eager to learn the next new thing (and he’s making fast progress!) Corey fits in very well with the team here and is fast-developing strong skills in our production and installation department. We’re excited to teach him all there is to know in the exciting industry of branding!


Sam Grigg

If talking a lot could be a paid job, that is what Sam our Copywriter would be doing. Turns out it isn’t, so instead he has opted for writing! With extensive experience in customer service, plus a University degree in Business and Media and Communications nearly under his belt, Sam has a strong focus on being able to express your business’ unique personality in writing.

With an ever-positive attitude, Sam always aims to exceed customer expectations, either in his work or the all-round experience clients have with Burst. He very much looks forward to speaking to you and helping you with your business copywriter needs.


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